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[WLC] Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Congress
2017-05-16 13:33:00

The 18 students who were picked to be the first Korean ambassadors at the Hugh OBrian Youth Leadership Congress congregated at the Incheon International Airport. We were to catch a flight to L.A where we would receive a pre-orientation regarding the World Leadership Congress. Although we had a tiring flight due to sporadic turbulence we arrived with a gleeful mind and we each possessed a affinity towards each other. We arrived at a college in Pomona where we would be staying for nearly a week and waited for the representatives of Taiwan to arrive. When they did, the tension between us was so thick that I could almost nearly cut it with a knife. But gradually we got to be friends and later got to know eachother so well. The corollary is that we got to be the best of friends and still keep in touch.

During the pre-orientation process, we had the chance to study together but more importantly we got to have a lot of fun. We went to the Universal Studios and had a blast but we didnt forget to prepare for the presentation in Washington. After spending time in class, at the mall and all sorts of places, the time had finally come for us to go to washington where even more surprises were waiting oblivious to us. we got to do Ice-breakers as soon as we arrived and got to know a lot of the other ambassadors. At the World Leadership Congress(WLC), we spent most of our allotted time in seminars and lectures but also had time for dances and visits to eminent landmarks like the George Washington Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and the Memorials commemorating the vietnam and Korean War. We also had the pleasure of having an oppurtunity to go to the World Spy Museum and the Holocaust Museum. All of these experiences combined into a omnipotent alloy that opened our hearts and our minds. another mind boggling experience was when I had the chance to give a presentation to intreduce our country to the rest of the Congress. Just being up on stage and knowing that more than 350 pairs of eyes were looking at me made me feel as if there were hundreds of butterflies in my stomach. But I was proud to represent the ambassadors and did my best to do a good job.

HOBY isnt just a simple leadership program. Its a discrete life inside life itself. It opens up the hearts and souls of every single person who participated. It makes us all one family and I grew to love my Hoby Daddy and all of the other facilitators and ambassadorse that joined. Not one person in this world could possibly think of erasing the memories from HOBY from his or her head. I truly wish I could rewind time and go back to oe of the most wonderful 2 weeks of my life at HOBY. I also want to encourage all the future Korean HOBY ambassadors to not be afraid of being an extrovert. Have a blast!


- 대원외고, 박진성