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[WLC] HOBY Newsletter 실린 HOBY WLC 졸업생 (06) 유정이 양
2011-05-18 11:03:00
2006년도 HOBY WLC 졸업생으로, 올해 민족사관고등학교를 졸업하고 University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill을 Robertson Scholarship Program의 4년 전액 장학생으로 입학하였습니다. Robertson Scholarship Program은 Duke University와 UNC-Chapel Hill를 지원하는 학생들에게 제공되는 장학 프로그램으로서 매년 HOBY WLC 졸업생들에게 장학금 신청의 기회를 주고있습니다.

늘 HOBY의 발전을 위해 많은 이야기를 해주고 본인의 삶에 열정적인 정이의 모습은 주변 사람들에게 유쾌한 자극제입니다.

Life With HOBY: Putting the Futures Kit to Work for You

"Life With HOBY" is your space to tell inspiring stories about the challenges you've faced as leaders and to communicate what you are doing to effect the world around you. Alumni from around the world have stories to tell about how the benefits of what they learned at their local site or the WLC still impact them months and years later. Read about how Jung-Yi Yoo (WLC '06) a native of Seoul, South Korea, followed her dream of going to an American university after attending the WLC.

After putting in just a few short weeks of school as a freshman at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill (UNC), we were able to catch up with Jung-Yi in between classes to discuss her new found school spirit and how she incorporates the skills she learned from HOBY into her day to day life. "HOBY helped me to be more inclined to stand up and start talking and sharing," she recalls of her experience at HOBY Korea. The WLC, she continues, was where she really felt the powerful potential of her experience."I learned that we are the momentum for each other to make small impacts towards positive change around the world."

In middle school she realized the lessons she learned from the world outside were just as important as what she was learning inside the classroom. This sparked an insatiable hunger for diversity of thought and the space to share goals and ideas among her peers. Her parents, both university professors in South Korea, encouraged her to apply to colleges in the United States. As an inquisitive child by nature they knew the environment would allow her to thrive. As a result when Jung-Yi got a letter in the mail from the Robertson Scholars Program regarding a potential scholarship to UNC, she was ecstatic. The Robertson Scholars Program is an organization that with works HOBY International to solicit HOBY students who attend the World Leadership Congress (WLC) to apply for The Robertson Scholars Program. The program was created in the year 20! 00 through a $24 million gift from Julian Robertson, a 1955 graduate of UNC, and his wife Josie. The establishment of this innovative program, which recruits and supports undergraduates, was designed to serve as a catalyst to develop personal relationships with Robertson staff and school faculty to help scholars explore their passions and develop their ability to turn their desires into action. During this four year journey, Robertson Scholars learn to create change and foster collaboration locally, and during the summer the participate in enrichment experiences globally.

With over 7,000 miles between home and school, thanks to the Robertson Scholars program, Jung-Yi is adjusting remarkably well. "The Robertson program really takes care of its students, they are very supportive," she states. Consequently, along with the Robertson Scholars program and what she experienced at HOBY, Jung-Yi will be able to make an impact on economic and business public policy. Currently, Jung-Yi can't wait to don official Tar Heel's apparel at the next game. "I love having school spirit. It makes me feel a part of something."

Have you taken a look at our Alumni Opportunities page? Did you read through your copy of the Futures kit? Opportunities similar to the one Jung-Yi received are available to all WLC and local seminar attendees. Please check our alumni opportunites page here to learn more about Life with HOBY.