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[LS] 중2부터 고3까지 주욱5년을 다짐해서 올해는 2년째!
2011-05-18 10:46:00

Just got back from HOBY~ I hear they know how to wear their tags. Hip hip hooray for HOBY~!


             Yes, I’ve just got back from Hoby, now officially for the second time. Last year, Hoby was somewhat a culture shock to the yet quiet me. Over one year, I changed into a different kind of person, learning to give my life everything I’ve got, because at Hoby, I learned nothing will happen unless I become more active. Thus, many things have happened in an year, and most happily J, I’ve been accepted to Daewon Foreign Language High School! Yay!

            Anyway, so this year, I returned to Hoby proudly, and much more prepared than the 8th grader of last year (which is, by the way, the youngest age allowed at HOBY officially). From the beginning, I wasted no time in talking to absolutely everybody I knew prior to camp, and just went right into participating in the cheers. I was especially happy when our group socialized SO quickly, immediately getting along with each other. Even our totally cute and perfect counselor was surprised ;)! It just showed me that this year I was going to have a WAY more fun three days than last year, which was ALREADY too fun. As a certain counselor stated, Hoby gets better every year ><.

             Since I already knew all the basic cheers (though I learned many more on the way,) I had no trouble yelling loudly with the counselors, and when it became dinnertime and our group just HAD to be chosen as the ones to go first, I ran up to the stage with another groupmate, and we totally overwhelmed the counselor choosing with our eager antics to get our food. Good old Hoby Spirit was already taking over me within three hours.

             After dinner, we made our group name and skit, and our group name was very justly 간지좔좔 ><. We were definitely drenched in coolness, as our group name implies, and we did funky model walks in couples for our skits. Afterwards, the real fun began, and the talent show for the first day opened!!! It was so cool, because there were a lot more people this year than last year, and therefore a lot more talents to be shown~! Reflection time came all too quickly, but we had a good time at reflection, too, and our group even got cake J. Then, I wrote a few Hoby Hugs and went upstairs to retire for the day and build energy to spend the last night up.

             The next day, we had continued fun, cheers, and panels. Our group especially loved playing games, and we would always get together earlier than the official meeting time just to play a few more games. Fun loving Group 11 Anyway, it was just great, and especially Leadership Dynamics, when we got to know people from other groups too, was really fun. Of course essay time wasn’t THAT enjoyable, but the essay topic was in my personal opinion better than last year’s. Then, night rolled around again, and the talent show started again. I was even more amazed by many outstanding talents and ideas, and my own show started to seem increasingly embarrassing. Towards the end, I finally walked onstage, and immediately forgot everything I prepared. Oh well, I just let myself go with the music, and made some kind of weird impromptu dance. That’s what I love most about Hoby. Everybody cheers really hard even if I suck J It’s just wonderful! Where else does a girl get that kind of treatment? Nowhere~

             After that, the dance party. There were a LOT of people, but it was still so much fun. I goofed around with the counselors, and in the middle even boldly walked onstage, dancing in front of everybody. Of course, nobody knows what impelled me to do so, but again, it’s the inevitable Hoby Spirit. Only happens at Hoby. Anyway, the dance party seemed to end all too quickly, but then! The guys in our group came up to the girls’ room, and along with our counselor, we all played games all night.

             In the morning, after that wild night of games, our group was faced with interviews. Sitting in front of the interview room, one Daewon 선배