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2011-05-18 10:42:00


I am a debater. Being a debater, I have been to many debate events here in Korea and abroad, which would last for as short as 3 days to, often, as long as 3 weeks. Whenever I went to these events, I tried to converse with as many people as possible, and make as many friends with smart—most of the times—individuals. Often, I found opportunity to share my aspirations and beliefs for the world with many people. Often, these conversations gave birth to lasting friendships. However, I can confidently state that never during these events have I managed to make as many friends as I have at HOBY. Never during these events, was I able to fully open myself up. Simply put, HOBY was the best out of all.


When I first arrived at HOBY, I arrived with an excited heart buried deep within layers of regrets and doubts. I, being only a week away from taking the SAT, regretted having come to spend away whole 3 days. This regret was reinforced by doubts when I saw the counselors overly-excitedly do the cheers. Having been a cynic for quite a long time now, I thought to myself, “Wow, these people are quite good at acting to be extremely happy—great actors they have!” Yet, I knew there were no refunds, and that I have paid a great sum of money. Thus, I decided to jump in, put a stop to the doubts, and experience as much as I could. Judgments could come afterwards. Then I became one with the crowd, clapped until my hands went numb, jumped until my legs went weak, and screamed until my voice went out. At the end of the day, I loved it.


The speakers were, well, frankly speaking, except for the first and the last speakers I dozed from time to time when they spoke—I have then realized that I wasn’t young anymore (T.T), Thus, my memories of their speeches are sporadic at best. When I heard the first speaker, I was disappointed to hear him speak about something other than what he had stated he would (I was greatly interested in the initial topic!). Although I tried to make the best out of it, telling myself that there was a lot to learn from this man, my disappointment was real and lasting. I had so many questions that I wanted to ask, but unfortunately I was given a chance to only once—although I should consider myself lucky when countless others were never given a single chance. When I did get to ask a question the speaker did not fully answer, but I figured others had a lot more questions to ask, and to keep “interrogating” him would be selfish of me. Overall the speakers were enjoyable, yet somewhat below my expectations. I guess it was because I expected too great a deal out of the speakers.


Talent shows were the BLAST! Of course I can’t talk about them without talking about my own show, so here it is. When I was up there, I was extremely nervous. I was thinking to myself, “Man that dancer was amazing (he really was)! What if I make a fool out of myself?”Dragging the amps to the middle of the stage, I felt my hands shake—obviously a bad sign for someone who’s about to play a guitar solo. Standing there looking at the crowd, when the background music wouldn’t come on, I felt my heart sink, especially with the moderator commenting that my show’s start was taking too long. With all those murdering excitement/nervousness swirling in my stomach (a good thing that I had neither lunch nor dinner that day), I luckily played through the show. Although there were countless moments that could have been better—so much better—I was, thankfully, received with a warm round of applause. After that, with a lighter heart, I enjoyed the rest of the show with everyone else; cheering for the presenters, who, I knew, put enormous efforts into those never-ending five minutes for the crowd like I had. Then I realized that the show was less about the skill through which we presented ourselves, but about the excitement which vibrated within each and every one of us. What mattered was not how well I performed; it was how much I enjoyed being there with everyone else, and how much everyone else enjoyed my presence.


One of the things I liked the most about HOBY was the Leadership Dynamics activities. Honestly speaking, I think the reason has to do somewhat with what I thought as what HOBY could use some improvements on: the lack of opportunities to interac"