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HOBY한국본부가 세계적 혁신 대학 '미네르바 스쿨(대학) - Minerva Schools at KGI'과 함께 합니다.
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2020-03-04 10:15:41


HOBY한국본부가 세계적 혁신 대학 '미네르바 스쿨(대학) - Minerva Schools at KGI'과 MOU를 체결, 앞으로  파트너십을 통해 미래혁신 교육을 함께 합니다.


미네르바 스쿨이 생각하는 HOBY프로그램 참가 청소년들은 학업, 리더십, 혁신, 사회공헌활동 등의 우수성을 갖춘 미래인재입니다. 21세기에 맞는 인재교육을 제공하는 전세계 단 하나의 대학, 미네르바 스쿨에 도전해보세요.


 / 올해 가을, 미네르바 대학 재학생들과 함께 하는 워크샵 (on design thinking and creative problem solving)도 진행 예정입니다. /








Don’t just study the world, see the world



As a HOBY participant, you have already shown yourself to be compassionate about the world around you and committed to creating a more equitable global society. I invite you to continue this journey by exploring Minerva’s unparalleled undergraduate program.




Minerva is designed to equip and empower students like you with the skills and experience for success. We share HOBY commitment to empowering the next generation of global citizens.


Minerva’s university program combines:


  • Global Understanding: Minerva students do not merely study diverse cultures, they experience them firsthand, living in up to seven uniquely significant cities around the world during their four years. Learning transcends the classroom, as with each new location, curated partnerships give students first-hand experience applying the concepts they learn in class to a variety of real world contexts and situations.
  • Pragmatic Liberal Arts: Applied knowledge is at the core of Minerva’s curriculum. Every class is a small seminar centered on intensive discussion and debate. Minerva students develop critical and creative thinking skills through active learning, not memorization and lectures.
  • Real-world Experience: Every student receives life-long career support. We work to help students define their passions, curate networks for internships and jobs, and build career skills to excel in the professional world. Students have interned at companies such as Accenture, Apple, Amazon, CNN Global, Google, Mistletoe, United Nations, Siemens, Twitter, and many more. 
  • Accessibility: Our application is completely free to enable anyone who is interested with the opportunity to apply. Additionally, Minerva offers need-based financial aid to help all admitted students to attend, including international students. 


I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity and apply. The final deadline to start this fall is coming up on March 15. 



Lillian Kivel

Minerva Schools at KGI


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