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제 15회 호비 한국 리더십 세미나 안내
호비한국본부 조회수:2862
2017-10-13 17:00:34


The 15th HOBY Leadership Seminar in Korea 



▦ Participant Eligibility: All students in grades 8 - 11, having proficient English, good personality, and leadership potential

 Major programs : Lectures from eminent persons from various fields, Leadership Dynamics, Essay writing, Group workshops, Talent Show, HOBY Cheers, HOBY hug, etc.

 Awards by HOBY Foundation: 1 from each category: Leadership, Debate/Speaking, Talent, and Volunteerism 


  • 20 outstanding participants to be selected to participate in 2018 HOBY World Leadership Congress as the 16th Korean   
  • Youth Ambassadors
  • WLC registration fee ($1875) scholarship granted to the best participant
  • Participation certificate for all 
  • 10 hours Community service hours to earn 

 Hosted/Organized by Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership Foundation, HOBY Korea 

 Supported by the Korea Youth Center,  Korean Educational Association Empowerment of Software, Korean Youth Leadership Development Association 


 Registration : 

 1. Submit On-line registration <- click here

 2. Pay tuition 500,000 KRW (the payment method will be informed individually via text/email)

 3. Registration is complete. 








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