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제 6회 외교포럼 참가자 숙지사항
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6회 외교 참가자 숙지사항.pdf 6회 외교 참가자 숙지사항.pdf           


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[국가별 강연자 및 강연 주제] 



강연자:Mr. AbdulAziz Mohammed Hamadah

Diplomatic Attache of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Seoul

The General Introduction of the State of Kuwait and the relationship between S.Korea and Kuwait”





강연자:Mr. Johannes Regenbrecht

Deputy Head of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Seoul

“Germany’s Foreign Office & the Role of its Embassy”





강연자:Mr. Ramzi Kazim oglu Teymurov

Ambassador of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Seoul

“20 Years of its Independence: Azerbaijan”





강연자:Camila Aviña Zavala

Cultural and Educational Attaché of the Embassy of Mexico in Seoul


“Mexico at a Glance”




강연자:Ms. Ruth Parkin

Deputy Head & Mission of the Embassy of Ireland in Seoul


“Modern Ireland-how much do you know and what about our peace process?”




강연자:Ms. Şükrüye Bayar Balcius

Counsellor, DCM of the Turkish Embassy in Seoul


"Turkish-Korean Relations"




강연자:Mr. Calin Fabian

H.E. Ambassador of the Embassy of Romania in Seoul


The after ’89 transition process in Romania – a case study”




강연자:Mr. Sebastien Denault

Second Secretary of the Embassy of Canada in Seoul


“Becoming a Diplomat”





강연자:Mr. Colonel Ajay Chandpuria 아자이찬드뿌리아

Defence Attaché of India in ROK


“Overview of India”













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