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  • Conference Details:

2013 International Youth Leadership Conference
As part of the Albert Schweitzer international student initiative and the goal of impacting more and more students in Ireland and abroad, the ICCUSA Foundation and Foroige will host the
5th Annual International Albert Schweitzer’s Leadership for Life Conference®

Dates: July 27th – August 3rd, 2013 (International Arrival is required for July 27th and International Departure is August 4th) -The 5th Annual ASLFL conference will deliver 8 days of diverse youth leadership programming for over 300 students.  There will be a Conference Kick-Off  at Maynooth College and a Graduation Gala Dinner in Dublin City on August 1st.


Location: The on-site logistics and staff needs are being managed by the Albert Schweitzer Foundation (USA) and Foroige (Ireland). The setting will be at one primary location right outside Dublin, Ireland at the  University of Ireland-Maynooth College – (lectures, workshops, speakers, sessions, room & board facilities for all students) http://www.nuim.ie/


Students: The conference is for students aged 15-18.  The students will originate from countries around the world. Parental consent, medical consent and health insurance forms will be required. 


  • Registering for the Albert Schweitzer Leadership for Life Conference:


Program Fee


The program fee of $1,500 per student covers all logistical needs such as meals, lodging, ground transportation and venue entrance during the ASLFL conference. The program fee does not cover the cost of transportation to and from the conference, possible visa and passport costs, or possible overseas coordinator fees. Delegates are guaranteed a space at the conference only if full payment is received by the time registration closes and ASLFL has confirmed that the delegate has met all of the eligibility requirements.


Services covered by Student Registration fees: 


¨       The conference services will be administered from July 27th-August 3rd

¨       Food – 3 full meals each day

¨       Lodging - safe, secure and chaperoned

¨       Transportation between Maynooth College and Closing Ceremonies

¨       Full participation in any and all conference programs & curriculum/special events

¨       Transportation in and around town will be covered during the conference

¨       Access to all ASLFL Conference Staff and supervisory support

o   *Note: ASLFL has committed 50 full time staff members to the conference needs.


NOT Covered by Student Fees:

¨       Air travel costs

¨       Bus or train cost

¨       Transportation to and from the airports via international destinations within your own state/country but transportation to and from the Dublin Airport to the dorms at Maynooth will be provided.

¨       Any miscellaneous trips before or after the conference

¨       Pocket money


ASLFL reserves the right to refuse an ambassador’s acceptance to the conference due to non-payment, partial payment, late payment, or failure to meet all of the eligibility requirements. If a delegate has paid for the conference but then is unable to attend, please contact ASLFL’s Vice President, Corey Schor, via email at corey@iccusa.org for a refund in accordance with the cancellation policy.


Attendance at the ASLFL conference is granted on a first-paid-first served basis, and there is a limit on the number of registrants per country so please register as quickly as possible.


Registration Deadline

The deadline for Student Registration & Parental Consent forms is due on June 7, 2013; on this date all relevant Student Registration data is due to the ASLFL office in New Providence, NJ.  Students are required to pay their own air transportation costs (or… arranged by the Strategic Partner) to and from the conference.




Because the ASLFL conference sells out each year, delegates are accepted on a first-paid-first served basis as long as they meet all the eligibility requirements, submit their personal application details, and are one of the first 300 people to pay their program fee in full. When ASLFL has confirmed all of these factors, the student and his/her parents will be notified of acceptance by email. Early enrollment and full payment of program fee is strongly recommended to secure a spot. It is important to note that if there is a failure to fulfill any one of the requirements- including paying in advance and in full-you will be refunded (in accordance with the cancellation policy) and your space revoked. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please email our Vice President at corey@iccusa.org or phone us at 908-286-1300 ext 3 or 4.


Additional Information worth reviewing:


Ø  Visit www.aschweitzer.org to view the entire conference offering

Ø  We urge you to read the TABS titled: 2013 ASLFL Conference

o   Within these sections you will see more details about what the Conference Program and atmosphere was like from 2009-2012. 

o   We expect the Program to be very similar in terms of curriculum and activities.

Ø  Soon a comprehensive program detailing the day by day 2013 Conference program and workshops will be posted here in June.

Ø  Soon we will post the biographies of all Guest Speakers and Lecturers for the 2013 conference.




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To request a formal registration packet, please email corey@iccusa.org or call

+1-908-286-1300 (a USA telephone #) or speak to your local ASLFL organizer.



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